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Domestic Violence Attorney in Houston, TX

Domestic violence is a complex emotional and legal matter. If you are facing charges of assault, battery, criminal mischief or threatening, violating a restraining order, or stalking, seek the expertise of Thering Law Firm P.C., a domestic violence attorney in Houston, TX. Men and women are encouraged to reach out for a free consultation to discuss your circumstances and establish a defense.

The consequences of a domestic violence charge can tear apart families, sending the accused to jail and his or her family into temporary housing. An allegation by itself is can make it tough to move forward, let alone the personal and financial toll you may face. Our experienced domestic violence lawyer understands big picture and works within the courts for the best resolution.

Domestic Violence Attorney

The law experts at our firm help defend the accused against domestic abuse, battery, and violence allegations. Our law office goes above and beyond to ensure your privacy as we develop a plan to mitigate expunge charges.

You can trust your domestic violence attorney to discuss the allegations, the case being built against you, and you legal options. When the consequences include loss of custody, jail time, and prolonged probation, you need a domestic violence attorney who is willing to put in the long hours to build and defend your case.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Houston TX

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Dealing with a domestic violence issue? As the accused, it is important that you do not speak to law enforcement with a domestic violence lawyer present. Anything you say without your domestic violence lawyer present is subject to be used against your claims and your character, both of which will be called into question in court. Speak with our domestic violence attorney, we establish the course of events as they took place, forming a rigid frame work of events. In cases of this nature, it is not rare that false accusations are made, or that what is reported to be an act of violence is merely an altercation.

Our domestic violence lawyer has more than 15 years of experience handling cases ranging from assaults and criminal threatening to criminal mischief and stalking. Get the representation you are entitled. Reach out to our criminal defense law office for a free consultation to evaluate your case and determine the best defense approach.

Contact us for a lawyer with several years of experience working domestic violence cases. Our team works on your behalf to fight allegations. We serve clients in Houston, Clear Lake, Galveston, Spring, and Sugar Land, Texas, and the surrounding communities.