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Drug Offense Attorney in Houston, TX

Drug offenses, even small ones, can remain on your record for years. That can make getting a job, obtaining a license, applying for credit or aid, and many other necessities difficult. Whether you are looking at a hefty sentence or a sizable fine, our drug offense attorney in Houston, TX, can provide you with the defense you need. Legislators have passed strict rules with mandatory minimum sentencing that put alleged drug offenders at serious risk of losing their futures. At Thering Law Firm P.C., our drug offense lawyer has the legal expertise to mount an aggressive defense.

If you have been charged with the sale, possession, or manufacturing of an illegal substance, reach out to our criminal defense law office. We offer free consultations with a licensed, drug-offense attorney. During the consultation, the attorney will thoroughly review the circumstances of your case to determine the best defense moving forward. It is your future that is at stake, fight for it. Our team of legal experts is standing by to offer the defense you deserve. 

Drug Offense Attorney in Houston TX

Drug Offense Lawyer Well-Versed in the Judicial System

From cases revolving around the sale and possession of illegal substances to the criminal charges centered on the manufacturing of street drugs, our drug offense lawyer has successfully defended numerous criminal cases involving drugs.

We are committed to obtaining the best ruling for our clients through dismissal or reduction of charges. Our team has amassed an impressive cache of defense tactics that are used in combination with aggressive strategies to dismiss or reduce charges.

With any drug offense charge, the arresting officers and the prosecutor charging the case must follow certain procedures. Even when you believe you do not have a case, a misstep in collecting evidence or an inability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt your guilt can result in reduced or dropped charges.

Experienced Drug Offense Lawyer

As a former law enforcement agent and public defender, Mark Thering has in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the justice system. Where another drug offense lawyer may only consider the legal procedures, Mr. Thering devises defenses against the credibility of the initial allegation, factual errors in the prosecutor's argument, and inconsistencies in witness reporting. Looking at the whole picture, he and his team of legal experts work to develop the best possible defense for all clients.

Make us your first call if you have been charged with a drug offense. Contact us for a free consultation regarding the circumstances of your case. Our attorneys work diligently to build a defense for you in a discrete manner. We serve clients in Houston, Pasadena, Tomball, Clear Lake, and Galveston, Texas, and the surrounding communities.