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Property Offense Attorney in Houston, TX

If you are alleged to have received stolen property, been charged with criminal mischief, shoplifting, forgery, burglary, or trespassing your case becomes a property crime. You need a property offense attorney in Houston, TX, well-versed in this broad category of criminal violations. Thering Law Firm P.C., defends the rights of alleged property offenders, putting more than more than 15 years of criminal defense and law enforcement experience towards building a case.

Your future is on the line. Don't leave it in the hands of an attorney who occasionally takes property offense cases. Choose a defense team with the knowledge, due diligence, and strategy to mount the best defense possible.

Misdemeanor & Felony Burglary Attorney

Accused of burglary? An attorney at our law firm is ready to take you case and aggressively defend your rights. Count on our burglary attorney to thoroughly review your case and look for valid grounds for dismissal. Our burglary attorney has extensive insight in representing alleged offenders, with a reputation for getting charges reduced and dismissed.

Is a retailer alleging that you shoplifted from his storefront? We'll review any video evidence and statements made, as well as cross examine store employees for factual inaccuracies that can change the outcome of case.

Property Offense Attorney in Houston TX

Dependable Property Offense Lawyer

Property offenses vary greatly, ranging from low-level offense such as shoplifting or vandalism to felonies like burglary and breaking and entering. In some cases, the offender does not have to steal goods or harm a victim. No matter the circumstances surrounding the allegations made against you, you need an experienced property offense attorney to take your case and make your voice heard.

Case Evaluation: Breaking & Entering Attorney

Breaking and entering is a serious offense that carries stiff penalties. In court, it is defined as the act of unauthorized entry into a building, vessel, or car, with the intent to commit a felony. Our breaking and entering attorney can evaluate the weight of the evidence against you and seek to reduce or dismiss charges all together.

Trespassing on Private, Commercial & Government Property

Whether knowingly or unknowingly committed, trespassing carries the same consequences. Even if you had no malicious intent, did not steal nor damage any property, and were only trespassing for a short period, you can still be held liable for all damages and face possible jail time. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the charges levied, our property offense lawyer can help.

In need of a defense attorney? Contact us to schedule an appointment with an expert at our law firm. Count on us to evaluate your case and devise a viable defense. We serve clients in Houston, Tomball, Pasadena, Sugar Land, and Galveston, Texas, and the surrounding communities.