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Restraining Orders Attorney in Houston, TX

Are you in violation of one or more restraining order? Attorney in Houston, TX, Mark Thering fights to protect your rights as the accused, handling each case with great discretion and the utmost urgency. Reach out for a free consultation and let the team of expert defense attorneys at of Thering Law Firm P.C. review your case.

In dealing with a restraining order, an attorney must be sensitive to the emotional state of the accused. At our law firm, we understand the emotional state you are in, which is why we work hard to develop a defense with a resolution that benefits all involved. Whether you knowingly or unknowingly violated the terms of an injunction, the consequences remain the same. Don't get caught without a restraining order attorney to rely on. Count on our firm for a restraining order lawyer when you need one.

Restraining Orders Attorney in Houston TX

Tell Your Story: Restraining Order Attorney

There are two sides to story. Make sure yours is told by hiring an experienced restraining order attorney to take your case. Come to our law firm if you have been accused of violating an injunction for assault, harassment, destruction of property, or criminal conduct.

A restraining order attorney will review the circumstances of your case, reviewing the conditions of the injunction, the police report detailing the violation, and more to determine the grounds for the violation. Looking for inconsistencies and logical fallacies, our restraining order attorney is able to uncover errors in the account of the accuser, law enforcement's handling of the matter, and fallacies in the prosecutors sequence of events. These can potentially change the outcome of a case.

Experienced Restraining Order Lawyer

Mr. Thering and his team have more than 15 years of criminal defense experience, with a record or more than 1,200 dismissals. Moreover, Mr. Thering is a former law enforcement officer, providing him a unique insight into the legal process. His intimate knowledge of agency and prosecutorial procedures allows him to scrutinize with great accuracy the processes of attorneys and officers alike.

Many attorneys practice criminal defense, but few are able to see a case outside of a courtroom. Choose the experts at our law firm when you need a restraining order attorney capable of analyzing the specifics of your injunction. You have rights, now you need a defense attorney that will give you a chance.

Get the legal counsel you need and protect your rights with our help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our defense attorneys. We'll work to protect your rights and expunge charges from your record. We serve clients in Houston, Spring, Bellaire, Pasadena, and Tomball, Texas, and the surrounding communities.